Demo of a rider and driver app

Stop Texting Drivers.

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How It Works

1. Create An Event

2. Send Event Link

3. Request a Ride

4. Driver Gets Reservation

5. Rider Can Track the Driver


  • πŸ”’ Safely identify the driver and vehicle
  • 🧠 Intelligent driver and rider matching
  • πŸ•“ Estimated Time of Arrival
  • πŸš— Real time driver location
  • 🎡 Control the Aux
  • 🏠 Remembers common pickup spots
  • πŸ‘‘ Priority system for riders
  • πŸ”­ Powerful Admin dashboard
  • πŸ“ GPS timeline of the drivers
  • πŸ—ΊοΈ Works with Google/Apple Maps & Waze
  • 🍎 iOS App
  • πŸ€– Android App
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